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Welcome! Building-Condition-Surveys.com is a website designed to assist anybody in the industry with gaining valuable information on building condition surveys, also called a building condition and defects survey. A building condition survey is a very useful tool when purchasing a building for many reasons. You can:

  • Incorporate expected costs for repairs in your offering price.
  • Determine if the property has potential for profit.
  • Recognize key issues and malfunctions the building may experience on a timeline.
  • Discover if that investment property has a real potential for return.

Obviously, the reasons are overwhelmingly in your advantage. It is possible drastically reduce your risk when purchasing a property.

Think You Need A Building Condition Surveyor?

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Reduce Your Risk

Risk Reduction is a simple, yet powerful word in the world of commercial building purchases. Buying a commercial building is an extremely complicated process, and between financing, calculating ROI, figuring repairs, and managing the property as well you will find hours upon hours of expected time spent determining a fair value price for what you are willing to pay. Unfortunately, not ever issue or defect in the property is recognizable to the untrained eye. A licensed building condition surveyor, however, can be your best resource for determining what you need to anticipate to repair, fix, or completely replace.

The Purpose of a Building Condition Survey

The general purpose of a Building Condition Survey is to provide an opinion on the condition of building, take notice of any upcoming or important repairs, as well as outline the costs & consequences of non-repair.

A building condition survey done by a licensed & registered building condition surveyor will also greatly help any buyers or current owners to gain a better understanding of the condition or dilapidation of the building. The report outlines complete information on building defects, hazards, performance, as well as explaining the causes them. A building condition survey also explains and recommends how-to and how-often to carry out maintenance, remedial work, and appropriate upkeep to maintain a long property life.



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